Upcoming Features & Changelog

This is ongoing list of the changes, features and bug fixes that will appear on PrestaDB in due time. If you have a suggestion for a particular new feature be sure contact us and lend us your suggestions!

Upcoming Features

Features, changes and bug fixes planned for the future:


  • PrestaShop Documentation / Wiki.
  • Community forums.
  • Article comments linked to forums.


  • Make design responsive.

Bug Fixes



Log of changes and improvements made:

Version 2.0 - 20th November 2012

Version 1.1 – 27th April 2012

  • WordPress install optimised.
  • WordPress install now under git version control.
  • Development and staging areas created.
  • Website moved to Linode VPS hosting.
  • Added MailChimp newsletter signup.

Version 1.0 – 18th February 2012

Version 0.2 – 19th January 2012

  • Logo redesigned.
  • Pretty print used for syntax highlighting in articles.
  • Added missing sprites to section headings.
  • Poll widget re-styled.
  • Share buttons added to pages.
  • Added related posts below articles
  • Social Box removed.

Version 0.1.2 – 26th September 2011

  • Fixed Google+ in Social Box.

Version 0.1.1 – 23rd September 2011

  • Upcoming Features & Changelog added (as suggested by 10 Simple Times for Launching a Website).
  • Lighten drop shadows on input boxes and implement small design tweaks such as box-shadow effects to block elements, and text-shadow to headings. Sorry IE users.
  • Various text spacing issues resolved.
  • IE6 layout errors fixed.
  • Added ‘Last modified' and Author meta data to pages as optional includes.