Show PrestaShop Theme and Module Changes After Editing Tutorial

Show changes to PrestaShop Themes and PrestaShop Modules in your store front office after editing and saving .tpl files in themes folder.

A common question on the PrestaShop forums is why when someone has been editing their PrestaShop Theme's .tpl files or overriding a PrestaShop Module, their changes can't be seen on their PrestaShop store after saving.

Nothing is broken, what is often happening is that PrestaShop's performance settings have been enabled in the back office, so a 'cached' version of your store is being shown instead of a 'live' version.

Turning PrestaShop's performance settings off

By default PrestaShop assumes your files haven't changed, and will load a version of your PrestaShop theme that it remembers instead of re-building your store every time a customer clicks on a link.

This is great news when your store is live, but not so great when you're editing your PrestaShop Theme or Modules and would like to test your changes.


Turning these options off is very easy and can be done in your PrestaShop Back Office.

PrestaShop Back Office Preference Tab

Go to your Back office and click the Preferences tab, then click the Performance sub menu.

PrestaShop Performance Options

You will need to choose Force Compile: Yes and Cache: No, as shown in the image above.

Optional step: Delete cache files from FTP

Additional you can log into your store's FTP account and delete all files except index.php in /tools/smarty/cache/ and /tools/smarty/compile/.

This will completely remove any trace of cached pages from your PrestaShop store.

All done

Now when refreshing your PrestaShop store's 'front office' you should see your changes take affect.

You may also need to refresh the page by pressing Ctrl+F5 in your browser. This will mean your browser performs a full refresh of the page to be certain you are seeing the latest version.

Re-enable performance settings on live PrestaShop stores

These performance settings dramatically affect the page load speeds of your store.

Once you have finished making your changes to the PrestaShop Theme or Module, be sure to reenable these settings to make your store as fast as possible.