PrestaShop Theme Installer Tutorial

How to install a new PrestaShop theme to your store using the PrestaShop Theme Installer and breath life into your PrestaShop store!

Using the PrestaShop Theme installer we can quickly and easily breath new life into our stores with great new PrestaShop themes.

A good PrestaShop theme can make your store stand out from the crowd, looking great while enhancing user experience leading to increased sales.

The default PrestaShop theme is, in my humble opinion, not very good.

The Presta Team recently decided this too, and released a brand new default PrestaShop Theme which will come pre-installed with PrestaShop 1.5. It is also available as an optional download for PrestaShop 1.4.

If this isn't to your taste either, there are also course many free and premium PrestaShop themes available designed by the PrestaShop community.

We're going to look at how to use the PrestaShop theme installer to add a brand new PrestaShop theme to your store.

Benefits of the PrestaShop Theme installer

There are a number of reasons to use the PrestaShop theme installer when installing new themes, rather than simply uploading the files by FTP.

  • No need for FTP. Using the PrestaShop theme installer, new PrestaShop themes can be installed through your Back Office as easily as adding a product.
  • PrestaShop Themes can include custom PrestaShop modules built specifically for that particular theme, which are also installed while using the PrestaShop theme installer.
  • Optimal PrestaShop settings and configurations can be suggested as defaults to suit the PrestaShop theme when installing.

Install the PrestaShop Theme Installer

The PrestaShop Theme Installer comes** preinstalled with PrestaShop 1.4**. If it is not installed, you can download the PrestaShop Theme Installer from PrestaShop Addons.

The PrestaShop theme installer only works on versions above PrestaShop 1.3. If you are using a version below PrestaShop 1.3, you will need to update your store.

Using the PrestaShop Theme Installer

In this example we're going to look at installing the new default PrestaShop theme to our store, but** this method will work for any theme built for PrestaShop 1.4 that you download**.

Please note: I strongly recommend that you install any new themes to a test / local version of your PrestaShop store in case of problems. Always back up your store files and database first.

1. Back up your store files and database

In case you missed the message above, please back up your PrestaShop store's files and database before going any further.

This should be done before any major changes are made in order to restore your PrestaShop store if there are any problems.

I also recommend that you make any changes to a test or local version of your PrestaShop store, and not your live store.

2. Download the new Default PrestaShop Theme

Visit the PrestaShop Template 1.4.5 download page on PrestaShop Addons and download the theme to your computer.

PrestaShop Addons

3. Activate the PrestaShop Theme Installer

In your PrestaShop store's back office, go to the Modules tab and search for 'theme'.

Click the 'Import/Export a theme module' that appears below the search box. This is the PrestaShop theme installer.

This will filter your modules and show you the Import/export a theme module in the PrestaShop module list.

If the module is not installed, click the Install button on the right hand side. This will install the PrestaShop theme installer.

Click Configure under the Import/export a theme module.

4. Import your PrestaShop Theme

This is the PrestaShop theme installer's option screen, under Import from your computer click the upload field to browse your computer.

Select the .zip file of the theme you wish to install, and click the Next button.

You will be told about any version issues, if all looks okay, click Next.

As mentioned, the benefit of using the PrestaShop theme installer means that PrestaShop themes can come prepackaged with optimal modules and configurations.

Install all the suggested modules, and choose whether you'd like to keep your PrestaShop settings or use the PrestaShop theme's defaults. These relate to settings such as using One Page Checkout / Guest Checkout etc.

Select your options and click Next.

5. Success! Activate your new PrestaShop Theme

You should be given a message telling you that everything was a success! Congratulations!

Go to Modules > Themes in your Back Office.

Scroll down and find the Themes box, which will show you your installed available PrestaShop themes, including the one just installed with the PrestaShop theme installer.

Select your new theme **with the 'radio' button above the image and click Next.**

Visit your Front Office, and your new theme should now be installed and activated!

Enjoy your PrestaShop Theme

Using the PrestaShop theme installer makes it very simple to easily switch between any PrestaShop themes you've downloaded.

Download a theme and try it for yourself. Breath fresh new life into your store in minutes!

Let us know in the comments if you've used the PrestaShop theme installer and had success, if not comment below and I'll try my best to help.