PrestaShop Redesign Their Website

PrestaShop have redesigned their website ahead of the upcoming PrestaShop 1.5 release. It's more robust, user friendly and better looking.

Not long before the imminent release of PrestaShop 1.5, the PrestaTeam have launched the brand new PrestaShop website, and its a beauty.

There looks to be many similarities in terms of the colour scheme, interface, and overall robust feel as found in the new PrestaShop 1.5 back office. It looks like the PrestaShop team have been trying to apply the same level of quality that they're applying to their software to the website.

Previously, the old website didn't really do the PrestaShop software much justice, any potential ecommerce merchants looking to use PrestaShop could have been turned off by the confusing navigation and looked elsewhere. First impressions definitely count, and Magento do a good job of this.

The new site is now much more professional looking as well as easier to navigate the mass of new information available. Let's take a closer look.

The new homepage

Overall Design

The navigation is now much simpler and relevant information for merchants, developers and those new to PrestaShop is all at hand. The new drop down menu has organised the content into sensible sections which are intuitive to different PrestaShop users.

New Drop Down Menu

Sections such as the very useful Milestones, which shows all the development of new features in PrestaShop 1.5 are brought forward, rather than being buried as a subpage.

PrestaShop 1.5 Milestones

The PrestaShop downloads page is also much neater, and separates the SVN and previous versions of the software. Very useful for developers testing the compatibility of their PrestaShop themes and modules.

PrestaShop Download Page

Community Pages

There's much better integration of the community pages with the main website. You can access your messages and control panel from anywhere on the site using the top-right menu.

PrestaShop User Menu

The community drop-down menu also features very relevant information to all kinds of community members, giving access to the PrestaShop Bug Tracker, Blog and Events pages.

This makes the latest PrestaShop news and information easily accessible at a glance, rather than having to devote time digging into the website to find it.

New PrestaShop forum

The PrestaShop Forums

As you might expect, the PrestaShop Forums have also had an overhaul. As mentioned the forum is now fully integrated into the main website, and has a few extra bells and whistles added such as notifications and a quick navigation.


The PrestaShop website redesign was much needed, and it delivers. It's a great job done by the PrestaShop team and feels much more robust than the previous website, which is the same feeling I get while using PrestaShop 1.5 against other versions.

This is a great sign of things to come from PrestaShop, and the direction the software is taking. It feels much more serious, and professional.

Go take a look at the new website, if you haven't already. There's much more than the scope of this article could possibly cover.