PrestaShop Overrides - 5 Reasons To Use

PrestaShop Overrides allow us to safely modify PrestaShop's core code and create bespoke stores.

Here's 5 reasons why you should use PrestaShop's override functionality rather than editing PrestaShop's core files directly

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PrestaShop Module Overrides Tutorial

PrestaShop Module overrides allow you to customise the look and functionality of your PrestaShop modules based on your theme.

This tutorial a looks at how to use module overrides to customise a default block module in the sidebar.

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Show PrestaShop Theme and Module Changes After Editing Tutorial

Tutorial on how to turn off PrestaShop's performance settings so that changes to your theme or .tpl files are shown on your ecommerce store.

This is a common problem hit upon by new PrestaShop users who can't understand why their changes don't appear in the PrestaShop front office. The fix is a simple back office setting that we will uncover in this tutorial.

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Selling PrestaShop Themes & Modules Guidelines

The PrestaShop team have released new guidelines for selling PrestaShop Themes and Modules on their PrestaShop Addons store.

By following these guidelines it means that your theme or module will be accepted and up for sale much faster ready for purchase by ecommerce mechants.

Its highly recommended that you familiarise yourself with PrestaShop's advice to create better PrestaShop Themes and Modules.

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Free PrestaShop Module Icons

Use these free icons for your next PrestaShop module.

This free set of icons by Mark James are actually used by PrestaShop too, so your module icons will be both authentic looking and easily chosen.

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PrestaShop Module Boilerplate

If your create PrestaShop Modules you should look closely at Matthew Morek's PrestaShop Module Boilerplate.

Great for both beginners and experienced PrestaShop developers, the Module boilerplate gives you a blueprint to work to and start creating your latest module.

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