PrestaShop Module Boilerplate

PrestaShop Module Boilerplate is a great starting point for PrestaShop module developers to build PrestaShop modules using reusable code.

Manchester-based Web Designer Matthew Morek has released a very useful PrestaShop module 'boilerplate' meant as a starting point to PrestaShop module development.

'Boilerplate' is a term used in programming to refer to reusable code. Matthew's PrestaShop module boilerplate provides example code for common tasks in PrestaShop modules.

For example, creating the install / uninstall methods, interacting with the PrestaShop module hooks, and registering the module with PrestaShop's module class are all included.

"Last year I wrote a tutorial explaining basics of how to start with PrestaShop module development, but since then there were a lot of changes and not all of that information relates to a new build of PrestaShop (1.4.4 and the upcoming 1.5). This time it will be a quick post just to give you something cool: a basic module framework/boilerplate compatible with PrestaShop 1.4 and above to start. I hope this will help you to start building some really awesome modules.

Treat this as a boilerplate for all your future modules. Everything is clearly described within the class file and you shouldn't have any problems modifying contents to get desired results."

- Matthew Morek

The module also features commented code, which** explains each section and the workings of a PrestaShop module in full**.

I used the Matthew's module boilerplate myself on a recent PrestaShop module for a client. As I was coming back to PrestaShop module development in PrestaShop 1.4 after a long break, it's very helpful. It gets my thumbs up!

I can see this being very useful to both seasoned PrestaShop module developers who tire of recycling and editing their old modules, as well as new comers.

Download PrestaShop module boilerplate

You can read more about the PrestaShop module as well and download it now from Matthew's website. Matthew also promoted the module in a thread on the PrestaShop forums.

You can also see more of Matthew's great work on his portfolio: