PrestaShop Now On Github

PrestaShop have moved to Github. Learn how to contribute to PrestaShop, adding new features and fixing bugs helping PrestaShop to grow.

PrestaShop have officially moved the codebase to Github. This is great news for PrestaShop developers as they are now able to contribute directly to the codebase, and actively influence PrestaShop's development.

PrestaShop have split the code into a few separate repositories, these include:

  • PrestaShop - Most recent version of PrestaShop (currently 1.5.2) under active development.
  • PrestaShop-1.4 - Previous version of PrestaShop under maintenance.
  • PrestaShop-modules - PrestaShop's partner modules separated from the main repository.

Contributing to PrestaShop

If you're new to Git, Github have an excellent set of tutorials to get you up and running.

Contributing to a repository on Github is done through submitting a Pull Request.

The PrestaShop team will need validate submissions, and have asked that contributors adhere to the following:

The official PrestaShop repository on Github.

You can read more in PrestaShop's blog post 'What you need to know about PrestaShop and Github'.

PrestaShop Translations

Translation submissions will still be handled by the regular PrestaShop website as usual. If you'd like to submit a translation, do that on Translate PrestaShop page on the official website.

Submitting and finding bugs

Bugs can be submitted and found using the official bug tracker, PrestaShop Forge, as usual.

You can also see what other members of the community have been helping with by taking a look at PrestaShop's open pull requests and browsing the issues in the issue tracker.

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