PrestaShop 1.5.3 Released

PrestaShop 1.5.3 has been released this week. Featuring 400 improvements and fixes such as updates to the official PrestaShop mobile theme and enhanced SEO.

PrestaShop 1.5.3 is now available for download from the official PrestaShop download page.

Boasting 400 improvements, the update is a bit of a milestone for the community as it is the first release since PrestaShop moved their codebase to Github. This means the PrestaShop community have been able to take a more active part in contributing to this version.

PrestaShop 1.5.3 new features

  • Improved shopping cart functionality
  • Price and stock improvements in back office.
  • 1-click upgrade module updated to be much more stable.
  • Customer login issues have been fixed.
  • PrestaShop 1.5 mobile theme updated.
  • Simplified URLs to enhance SEO.
  • Cookie management improved.
  • Redesigned 404 messages, and can now redirect customers to similar products instead.
  • Several partner modules updated.

Upgrading to PrestaShop 1.5.3

The recommended method to upgrade your PrestaShop is to use PrestaShop's official 1-Click Upgrade Module.

PrestaShop's Bryan Shaw explains further in the official announcement:

"For existing merchants, the one-click upgrade module is by far easiest way to take full advantage of the new version. However, before upgrading in your Back Office, you’ll need to download the latest version of the auto upgrade module from the Addons store, install it and then follow the steps provided (Click here if you need help).

For new merchants, you can download PrestaShop v1.5.3 for free on our website. You may also want to take a look at our free user guide and peruse our Addons Store before getting started! If you’re having trouble, visit the PrestaShop forum in order to get the assistance you need from our growing Community of 350,000+ members."

PrestaShop 1.5.3 changelog

For the full details on everything that has changed, check the PrestaShop 1.5.3 changelog below:

Release Notes for PrestaShop 1.5
# v1.5.3.0 - (2012-12-28) #

Added Features:

[+] Project: add the possibility to change the default color (#db3484) Let the user set the default color in the mail with a color picker (configuration set in Back Office, Themes)

[+] FO: modifiy width and height smarty vars for the mobile logo

[+] BO : you can now choose if a voucher is displayed under the cart in the frontend
[+] BO: modifiy width and height configuration for the mobile logo
[+] BO: modifiy smarty var $logo_url to have the mobile logo image if mobile version
[+] BO: add updateOptionPsLogoMobile()
[+] BO: add posibility to set a Mobile Header logo
[+] BO: Allow override loadUpgradeVersionList()

[+] CORE : now you can choose the redirect option when your product is disable

Fixed bugs:

[-] INSTALLER : fixed bug #PSCFV-5721 Duplicate column name 'cover' part 2
[-] INSTALLER : fixed bug #PSCFV-5721 Duplicate column name 'cover'
[-] Installer: Fix #PSCFV-5367 update of uploadable_files field was missing in the upgrade of multishop
[-] Installer : name of the supplier page fixed #PSCFV-5571
[-] Installer : fixed missing backquote in update query #PSCFV-5331

[-] FO : vouchers created in the backend order creation are not displayed in the frontend anymore
[-] FO : fixed usage of "&" in the order messages added by the customers
[-] Fo : fixed warning in empty categories
[-] FO : fixed wrong variable
[-] FO : Mobile, data-ajax added on vouchers form
[-] FO : Mobile, bug fix (JS page reload on OPC)
[-] FO : fixed bug #PSCFV-4878 - When disable show prices for default group don't show product accessories
[-] FO : fixed multishipping crash when too many products and addresses
[-] FO: Fix cache product features #PSCFV-6138
[-] FO : fixed loop redirect when pagination have 0 product
[-] FO : small js fix on gift checkbox update on mobile
[-] FO : small fix on mobile logo url
[-] FO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5980 && added 'js=1' in tpl when string is in script tag
[-] FO: The dispatcher now load the custom routes prior the defaults to avoid infinite loops
[-] FO : fixed bug #PSCFV-6057 - In step 4 by pressing terms and conditions, do not load css in Internet Explorer 8
[-] FO: CLONE - order_conf still not fixed propertly #2 - #PSCFV-5817
[-] FO : jquery mobile was not compatible with js minifier, I updated both
[-] FO: fix The French order_return_state HTML mail template has the wrong colours - #PSCFV-6005
[-] FO: fix Image attributes not set - #PSCFV-5957
[-] FO : mobile template - states management
[-] FO: FIX #PSCFV-5703 quotes in modules translations break javascript execution
[-] FO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5849 now customer addresses can't be edited if country is not enable in this shop excepte if group shop is shared order
[-] FO: Fix some tax_display_method value for not default customer group
[-] FO: Fix cart summary ajax refreshment
[-] FO: improvement on h4/h5 edits (id become class)
[-] FO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5826 #PSCFV-4697 Live edit only works for home page && Live edit can't load module
[-] FO: js was missing on order follow #PSCFV-5441
[-] FO: fix CSS / formatting needed on blocks - #PSCFV-3013
[-] FO: fix Add to cart button needs some changes in its css code - #PSCFV-5933
[-] FO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5563 - address can't be changed when making an order as a guest
[-] FO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5776 - Converting a guest account via GuestTrackingController allows empty passwords, warns of an invalid password but DOES convert the account
[-] FO: Don't display categories in breadcrumb if there are not associated to the shop
[-] FO: Bug CSS on SAFARI with iphone or ipad - #PSCFV-5704
[-] FO: fix #product_list li IE 6,7,8 bug: New product badge not correct position - #PSCFV-5898
[-] FO: added border-right on product-comparison table
[-] FO : show mobile theme if you have click "Broswe the mobile site" on a PC
[-] FO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5871 - URL rewrite with layered disabled
[-] FO: fix Referral Program Email link fix generates duplicate address in the url - #PSCFV-5853 Fixed in all languages
[-] FO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5865 - Payment modules are not visible in the hookPayment for a foreigner country
[-] FO: fix The "Compare buttons" on the Manufacturers List page is coded incorrectly... - #PSCFV-5636 I also fixed this bug on the supplier list
[-] FO: fix Can't create consumer account if blockcart module is disabled - baseUri not defined - #PSCFV-5667
[-] FO: bug fixed on infos fields authentification
[-] FO: Fix cookie problem when accessing not accessing to the shop with the main url
[-] FO: PSCFV-4181: pruneoff unavailable products
[-] FO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5293 - product link rewrite bug with category keyword
[-] FO: add target="_blank" on the "powered by" link in the footer
[-] FO: Availability was not displayed anymore on product listing #PSCFV-5698
[-] FO: Search product listing should use the stock of default attribute as in category product listing
[-] FO : changed redirection management when accessing page number out of scope #PSCFV-5567
[-] FO : fixed a problem with quantity of customized products #PSCFV-5630 [-] FO : removed cart rules already in the cart from available cart rules in the cart summary
[-] FO : removed useless extra parameter not implemented in Manufacturer::getManufacturers() #PSCFV-5771
[-] FO : fixed parse error on ContactController.php #PSCFV-5803
[-] FO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5649 - Product comparison error when Features are not set
[-] FO : store locator working hours fixed #PSCFV-5709
[-] FO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5779 - order_conf still not fixed propertly
[-] FO: Fix #PSCFV-5052 update the cart rules in the cart when the address is changed
[-] FO : fixed error in price cache (multishop not taken into account) #PSCFV-5612
[-] FO : added missing e-mail control on identity controller #PSCFV-5645
[-] FO : cookie lifetime is now set with the front end lifetime value instead of the BO value #PSCFV-5668
[-] FO: Fix: many fixes - domain for cookies with different url for ssl / add to cart button for minimal quantities with product attributes
[-] FO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5481
[-] FO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5460
[-] FO : fixed bug #PSCFV-4783
[-] FO: Fix #PSCFV-5652 url redirection after a guest order was bas
[-] FO : Fix #PSCFV-5239 bad rewrite rule for category with no image
[-] FO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5324 - Product url rewrite contains "root/home/"
[-] FO: Fix #PSCFV-5359 do not redirect to canonical url on 404 error
[-] FO : you cannot reset the password of a deactivated account anymore #PSCFV-5621
[-] FO : replaced order id by order reference in the contact form (but kept the id_order for retrocompatibility) #PSCFV-5491
[-] FO : replaced order id by order reference in the contact form (but kept the id_order for retrocompatibility) #PSCFV-5491
[-] FO : fixed bug on mobile them with opc can't place order.
[-] FO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5617 - fixed bug #PSCFV-5616 - mobile theme issues
[-] FO : wrong cache ID fixed #PSCFV-5537
[-] FO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5368 - CMS pages are all blank in front but exists in admin
[-] FO : fixed geolocation issue (which caused some unexpected cart reset)
[-] FO : removed deprecated configuration var "PS_VOUCHERS" #PSCFV-5240 // Removed useless DOS protection
[-] FO : Fix error with geolocation enabled and satellite connection
[-] FO : Fix 2 SSL links on order-follow tpl #PSCFV-5441
[-] FO : shipping should not be free because the products in cart cart are free #PSCFV-5303
[-] FO : restored the display of available cart rules in the cart #PSCFV-5473 (clean)
[-] FO : fixed validation of birthdates #PSCFV-5465
[-] FO : restored the display of available cart rules in the cart #PSCFV-5473
[-] FO : Fix the group/zone/shop restriction on carriers when using advanced stock management
[-] FO : missing vars in contact email replaced #PSCFV-4852
[-] FO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5236 - 2 issues with Customer::outstanding_allow_amount
[-] FO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5398 - "In stock" in the product page write in red
[-] FO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5304 - theme tools.js needed in OrderFollowController.php and OrderSlipController.php
[-] FO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5039
[-] FO: Fix #PSCFV-5220 exception when birthday date is invalid
[-] FO : Fix #PSCFV-5216 specific prices on cart refreshment when deleting product

[-] BO : better error management for translation packs
[-] BO : fixed translations on templates
[-] BO : fixed image settings form #PSCFV-5458
[-] BO : fixed warnings on the anti-XSS page
[-] BO : fixed weight and distance units validation
[-] BO : fixed image upload (except with OVH firewall) #PSCFV-6152 #PSCFV-6157 #PSCFV-5862 #PSCFV-5756 #PSCFV-6074 #PSCFV-5459
[-] BO: Fix #PSCFV-6172 don't htmlentities the cart rule name && increase size of name order_cart_rule field
[-] BO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5408 - Affect a new zone button for selected states in States doesn't work correctly
[-] BO : fixed duplicate code management on cart rules #PSCFV-6119
[-] BO: Fix catalog price rules creation with mysql strict mod #PSCFV-5916
[-] BO: useSSL global does not exist anymore #PSCFV-6113
[-] BO: don't display stock available if stock management is disabled #PSCFV-6029
[-] BO: Improve memory usage in admin product in global context with a lot of shops and attributes
[-] BO: Fix root category should anyway be imported in shop creation #PSCFV-5885
[-] BO: Fix various bugs in categories ntree generation
[-] BO : fixed bug #PSCFV-6000 - added check if zip uploaded is a real module in AdminModules
[-] BO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5991 - CMS friendly URL does not automatically copied
[-] BO : added import button on listing
[-] BO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5774 BO SAV : the response of the admin appears without newline
[-] BO : fixed bug #PSCFV-4701 - Module onclickOption is not called
[-] BO : fixed bug #PSCFV-4699 - Module uninstall confirmation message is missing
[-] BO: Fix #PSCFV-4889 don't delete product if physical stock > 0
[-] BO: Add display of modules errors on reset #PSCFV-2077
[-] BO: Fix #PSCFV-5706 save of product availability on global context
[-] BO : fixed bug when toggle status on product listing, redirect_type was not good
[-] BO: Fix #PSCFV-5345 quotes in translations of languages packs imported
[-] BO: Fix #PSCFV-5332 wrong rights on folder after uploading image
[-] BO: Fix category association in global context #PSCFV-5551
[-] BO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5501 - Can't edit Guest AccountAddress in Custumer -> Addresses
[-] BO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5743 - modify status Preparation in progress and remove the delivery flag
[-] BO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5610 Credit slip reference is too short [*] BO : added prefix on credit slip reference
[-] BO : improved error display on admincarriers #PSCFV-5660
[-] BO: Fix product image link for admin orders #PSCFV-5163
[-] BO : added Module::getInstanceByName brefore ->loadUpgradeVersionList
[-] BO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5838 Advanced Parameters - E-mail - Custom SMTP does not work if the password contains symbols '<' or '>'
[-] BO : you can now remove the english language by whatever mean you like most #PSCFV-5815
[-] BO : admin does not crash anymore when custom BO theme is not available #PSCFV-5492
[-] BO : fixed duplicated rows with free order in dashboard stats #PSCFV-5626
[-] BO : fixed filters on statuses tab #PSCFV-5763
[-] BO: Fix #PSCFV-5207 update of some fields on multishop with deleted property
[-] BO : fixed sorting and filter in BO tabs #PSCFV-5618
[-] BO: Fix the product indexation only on the default shop #PSCFV-5227
[-] BO : image regeneration now gives a better reporting and crash less #PSCFV-5519
[-] BO : tag saving does not crash with a bad line ending anymore #PSCFV-5663
[-] BO: Fix #PSCFV-5445 - carts are empty on global context in the AdminCarts
[-] BO : you can search a product by supplier reference again #PSCFV-5723
[-] BO : check the folder permissions before writing PDF translations in the theme
[-] BO : forbid the creation of 2 cart rules with the same code #PSCFV-5737
[-] BO : added missing width and height of the logo in the supplier order PDF
[-] BO: FIX #PSCFV-5088 - cant add a tax rule to a group if one have already defined as unique
[-] BO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5141 - Product Url being rewritten when a product is edited
[-] BO: Fix #PSCFV-4284 combinations import should delete available stock for combinations and not for products
[-] BO: Remove useless warning #PSCFV-5122
[-] BO : Fix #PSCFV-4949 position updating after deleting a category from a product
[-] BO: Fix #PSCFV-5109 translations of admin module controller
[-] BO: Fix #PSCFV-5263 tax rule deletion on tax rules group deletion
[-] BO : fixed bug #PSCFV-4855 - AdminTab1.5 compatibility ; datepicker not included in listHeader
[-] BO : fixed JS bug in category creation with URL rewrite field
[-] BO: Fix language pack export
[-] BO: Fix #PSCFV-5344 stock reinjecting values on returning products with advanced stock management
[-] BO : fixed form bug with voucher with a value < 1.00 #PSCFV-5523
[-] BO : fix the change of advanced stock management in the products on GroupShop context #PSCFV-5521
[-] BO : Fix PDF translations with default theme without DEV MODE #PSCFV-4888
[-] BO : date format in PDF fixed #PSCFV-5178
[-] BO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5387 - Impossible to add more than 13 Keywords in index page (SEO & URLs)
[-] BO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5105 - Internal server error 500 on fields names translation
[-] BO : added more details when fail to regenerate thumbnails
[-] BO: OrderSlips should not be deleted && add icon to download pdfs on admin order slips
[-] BO: Fix product attribute values on product duplication with multishop #PSCFV-5435
[-] BO : Fix carrier association listing on warehouse form
[-] BO: delete the carrier on the warehouse from the id_reference
[-] BO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5355 - issue in Carrier::delete() and Carrier::cleanPositions()
[-] BO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5385 - bug in SEO and URL, select field "page"
[-] BO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5321 - decreasing unit price impact in combinations not possible
[-] BO : fixed bug #PSCFV-4274 - supplier reference missing in csv import of combinations
[-] BO : fixed bug #PSCFV-4795 - Broken pack option for products with apostrophe in translation
[-] BO : Fix #PSCFV-4858
[-] BO : Fix #PSCFV-4710 - html was not saved in backups made in backoffice
[-] BO: #PSCFV-5258 increase the allowed displayed results for product autocomplete
[-] BO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5155
[-] BO : fixed bug adminStores when enable multistory crash on save store
[-] BO : Fix #PSCFV-5223 add product should be available when the package is not shipped
[-] BO : fixed bug #PSCFV-4787 - Administration > Quick Access: token issue
[-] BO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5251 - unable deactivate product via CSV import
[-] BO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5230 - Employees skip permits on bulk delete category
[-] BO : fixed bug #PSCFV-4844 - Category Image is deleted after update
[-] BO : fix #PSCFV-5087

[-] Classes : Bug fix : Modules, check module instance
[-] Classes : Bug Fix : AdminStoresController (parse error)

[-] Core: the gift wrapping taxes is now handled by tax rules group
[-] CORE : fixed bug #PSCFV-5116 Horizontal top menu cache
[-] Core: The emails can now be sent with amazon SES when logo is in png
[-] CORE : fixed bug #PSCFV-4754 Image sizes are the same for all shops and themes
[-] Core: Fix #PSCFV-6162 - can't add no tax for specific zip code or state
[-] Core: Fix #PSCFV-5997 - Product::priceCalculation not return the price of default combination
[-] CORE : fixed bug #PSCFV-6084
[-] CORE : fixed bug #PSCFV-6098 Double @ in customer email address crashes BO
[-] Core: send email when payment is remotly accepted #PSCFV-6064
[-] Core: Fix Swift and TCPDF for hosting which disallow getmypid() php function
[-] Core: Fix search indexation when id_product is forced #PSCFV-6039
[-] CORE : fixed sql bug in PaymentModuleCore::getInstalledPaymentModules() - now get only active payment modules
[-] CORE : small fix in Dispatcher::createURL() when friendly URL is disabled
[-] Core: Locales should be setted anywhere #PSCFV-5953
[-] Core: Fix #PSCFV-5948 id_warehouse was sometime set to null on validateorder with stock management disabled
[-] Core: Fix #PSCFV-5966 the tax rate applied to shipping cost for the visitors was the product tax rate
[-] Core: Fix isDate validator
[-] Core: Fix date validator #PSCFV-5797
[-] CORE : fixed bug #PSCFV-5536 - Layout for index controller is broken
[-] CORE : fixed some bad include of jquery plugin
[-] CORE : fixed bug #PSCFV-5572 - getJqueryPluginCSSPath method does not pass folder argument
[-] Core: Fix #PSCFV-5561 many payment informations are added when product is out of stock on order validation
[-] Core: Fix #PSCFV-5301 Product::isDiscounted was returned a bad value
[-] CORE : fixed bug #PSCFV-5514 - Override of module language file type fr.php in theme
[-] CORE : fixed bug #PSCFV-5700 - loop on undefined variable, typo, quote missing in generic_add_missing_column.php
[-] CORE : fixed bug #PSCFV-5400 - jquery.ui.core.css is never used
[-] Core: Fix products duplication when using multiple taxe rule on the same country
[-] Core: Fix #PSCFV-5327 the computation of real stock quantities was bad sometimes
[-] Core: fix regular expression patterns for some hosting which don't support unicode
[-] CORE : fixed bug #PSCFV-5261 - No easy way to associate xxx_shop table for an object => added Shop:: addTableAssociation($table_name, $table_details)
[-] Core: Fix #PSCFV-5238 cache_has_attachments field update
[-] Core : fix id_warehouse used for orders
[-] Core : Fix #PSCFV-5370
[-] Core: StockAvaible::updateQuantity should return a value
[-] CORE : fixed bug #PSCFV-5190 - ObjectModel setDefinitionRetrocompatibility faulty
[-] CORE : fixed bug #PSCFV-4910 - bug with cache_default_attribute when converting a product to pack
[-] CORE : fixed bug #PSCFV-5153 - intifier and desintifier from Cart class are not reliable
[-] CORE : fixed bug #PSCFV-5252 - Module::addOverride() erase existing override method already existe
[-] Core : Fix #PSCFV-5194 object instead of object name stored in class definition

[-] MO : statsbestvouchers small fix (but great difference)
[-] MO : fixed bad path in productcomments
[-] MO : fixed bad character in the statsbestvouchers module
[-] MO : fixed bugs on RSS modules
[-] MO: Fix Wishlist controller with ssl #PSCFV-5943
[-] MO: Mailalert should send alert for new order independently of the stock management
[-] MO : fixed backslashes in homeslider #PSCFV-5664
[-] MO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5396 - Notices when ordering categories with layered navigation module
[-] MO : use addJS instead of a tpl file
[-] MO: Fix #PSCFV-5246 add and remove favorite products was not working using SSL
[-] MO : block RSS encoding fixed #PSCFV-5689
[-] MO : fixed referralprogram uninstall #PSCFV-5680
[-] MO : "delete" in the module list now uninstall the module before deleting the files
[-] MO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5348 - cant load any tinymce in any bo module works only in cms pages
[-] MO: Fix Bankwire validation link using SSL #PSCFV-5266
[-] MO : statsdata must use SSL when tracking a secure page #PSCFV-5443
[-] MO : upgrade files are now called in the right order #PSCFV-5315
[-] MO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5379 - code problem in editorial.php at function hookDisplayHome
[-] MO : fixed bug #PSCFV-4632 - no german translation for my-account block in footer
[-] MO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5333 - blockuserinfo css fails with localization
[-] MO : fixed bug #PSCFV-5335 - duplication of background value in blockmyaccountfooter module

[-] WS: Fix #PSCFV-5915 temporary images deletion
[-] WS: #PSCFV-5982 logo email/invoices/mail don't return standard logo if not exists
[-] WS: Fix #PSCFV-5981 logo path
[-] WS : cart rules were missing in the WS #PSCFV-5602

Improved/changed features:

[*] FO : mobile template - states management Put "p" and "div" in the same selector
[*] FO : Bug fix : h4 -> title_block
[*] FO : Cart vouchers style edited
[*] FO : improve SEO and http error code
[*] FO: use initLogoAndFavicon() function
[*] FO: add initLogoAndFavicon()
[*] FO : fixed wrong display of weight units in product comparaison #PSCFV-5662

[*] BO : moved sample csv file
[*] BO : added backup of the settings file whenever there is a modification #PSCFV-5676
[*] BO : the global search now looks into the modules
[*] BO : Mobile theme checks that the PayPal module is installed.
[*] BO : you can now search by order reference #PSCFV-5592

[*] Core: conversion_rate of currencies are now multishop

[*] WS : add accessories association to product webservices