PrestaShop Update Available!

PrestaShop is now available to download! Includes PrestaShop 'demo mode', mobile PrestaShop modules, PayPal updates & many bug fixes.

The latest PrestaShop update to PrestaShop 1.4 is now available for download! PrestaShop was officially released last night and comes with many bug fixes, and a couple of new additions.

New additions include an officially supported PrestaShop demo mode, which when activated disables certain features such as module upload. This will be very handy for any PrestaShop theme and module developers looking to showcase their work without their demo store being altered.

Additionally, a new 'Mobile' tabĀ to the PrestaShop module list in the back office can surely be a sign of things to come in PrestaShop 1.5 and later as customers using mobile devices increases. This PrestaShop update looks to support PrestaShop modules for these users specifically.

A couple of new PrestaShop modules have also been included such as a MailJet module, as well as updates to some modulesĀ available such as PayPal and Ogone.

Download PrestaShop

You can download PrestaShop right now from the PrestaShop download page or update your store directly from your Back Office. As usual, please remember to backup your files and database first.

PrestaShop changelog excerpt

You can view the changelog in full on the PrestaShop website, but here is the relevant information for PrestaShop

 # v1.4.6.1 - 10553 (2011-11-23) #
Added Features:
[+] Project : added new mode "_PS_MODE _DEMO_" when this option is activated, some features are disable, like module upload...
[+] BO : New Mobile tab for modules
[+] BO : fixed bug on category tree view
[+] MO : Module MailJet (1.0)
[+] MO : Module Shopping Flux Export (1.4)
[+] MO : Update Ogone to use the new system to store payment cc details
[+] MO : Update Paypal to use the new system to store payment cc details
[+] MO : autoupgrade - now autoupgrade handle ZipArchive missing class
[+] MO : importermagento management of real payment
[+] TR : Added translations for AIM module

Improved/changed features:
[*] Installer : Canada taxes
[*] FO : #PSCFI-3841 : Bug Fixed : Comparator error: You cannot add more than 3 products(s) in the product comparator
[*] BO : #PSCFI-3830 Deleted upload files are not removed from download directory (when adding a product)
[*] BO : #PSCFI-3875 Can't search for customers when creating vouchers
[*] BO : #PSCFI-3911 : Bug fixed : Combination Import Deletes Existing Images
[*] BO : Autoupgrade update
[*] BO : Cleanup extra tabs and spaces
[*] BO : Flush Memcache server after enable it PSCFI-4056
[*] BO : combination import works now without the "delete existing images" option, because every images from the .csv file were deleted if the option was set to '1', except the last one.
[*] MO : Added a validation method for Credit cards in AIM
[*] MO : Module eBay (1.3.2) - Now handle tax, short description, features and quantity synchronisation on multi sku
[*] MO : MondialRelay update
[*] MO : Re-designed the AIM module
[*] MO : TNT (1.1)
[*] WS : Add error_log to error handler
[*] LO : Canada - Default group use tax excluded display
Fixed bugs:
[-] Project : Daylight Saving Time fix
[-] Project : stripslashes removed in ObjectModel::__construct(). Beware of collateral effects !
[-] Installer : some unique keys have been converted to primary keys
[-] FO : #PSCFI-3812 : bug fixed : Product comparison using SSL (Product comparison doesn't use SSL anymore)
[-] FO : #PSCFI-3812 : bug fixed : Product comparison using SSL (Product comparison doesn't use SSL anymore)
[-] FO : #PSCFI-3992: bug fixed : title tag missing in and not generated properly when minify html is turned on
[-] FO : #PSCFI-4018 : fixed a problem friendly URLS with the block module
[-] FO : #PSCFI-4028 : Modified the treatment in Module::_getApplicableTemplateDir(). dded the correct path for access to modules
[-] FO : #PSCFI-4041 : fixed a problem of treatment of datas formet in Link::getProductLink()
[-] FO : #PSCFI-4041 : fixed too a problem of variable name
[-] FO : #PSCFI-4053 : Modified the "smarty_modifier_truncate" method for middle params
[-] FO : #PSCFI-4084 : Deleted strtolower for the blockcms when the blocklayered is installed
[-] FO : #PSCFI-4084 : fixed a problem of encoding and added some treatments
[-] FO : #PSCFI-4197 : fixed a problem of voucher
[-] FO : Bug Fixed #PSCFI-3785 - Incorrect price on product page (combination + discount amount + currency)
[-] FO : Bug Fixed #PSCFI-3797 - Reduction by client group/category incorrect on combination (product page)
[-] FO : Ean13 added to the combinations for the product sheet
[-] FO : Fixed bug PSCFI-3987 - Accept term of service during order checkout was not working if Javascript was disabled
[-] FO : PSCFI-3838 : Added a character in for the English version for order-detail.tpl
[-] FO : fixed bug #PSCFI-3665 - Error in Products per Page in F.O.
[-] FO : fixed bug #PSCFI-3770 - Authenticatio.tpl wrong for attribute for email fiedl
[-] FO : fixed bug #PSCFI-3782 - Some debug in a template that have been forget
[-] FO : fixed bug #PSCFI-3829 Illegal use of maxlength attribute for input element of type file
[-] FO : fixed bug #PSCFI-3857 - Shipping costs are not updated in cart block if cart block (with ajax disabled) is in left column
[-] FO : fixed bug on live edit when 2 module are in the same column
[-] FO : removed the empty space in the my account block
[-] BO : Fixed bug PSCFI-3956 - imageResize was not pointing to the right folder
[-] BO : #PSCFI-3827 : Modified treatment. now the limit of upload can be modified in the "preferences" tab
[-] BO : #PSCFI-3922 : Added a space in a sentence
[-] BO : #PSCFI-3941 : add a number for obtaining coordinates that were not allowed in the structure of the 'store' table (for longitude and latitude, above 100.0 he returned 99.999999)
[-] BO : #PSCFI-4048 : Deleted a double "/" in functions.php
[-] BO : #PSCFI-4121 : bug fixed : Combination minimum quantity
[-] BO : #PSCFI-4121 : bug fixed : Combination minimum quantity (even when adding a combination)
[-] BO : #PSCFI-4160 : bug fixed : Theme directory check for AdminEmployees.php
[-] BO : Added a check on AdminTab to avoid error with fields validation
[-] BO : Added a translation for the upload limit
[-] BO : Bug Fixed #PSCFI-3890 - Group category reduction = incorrect price on AdminOrders
[-] BO : Changed isEmail back to revision 9590. FILTER_VAR not compliant with PHP < 5.2
[-] BO : Fixed #PSTP-41 - regex for mailsubject now handle correctly second parameter
[-] BO : Fixed PSCFI-3831 - The maximum size of sending files is now correctly displayed in the AdminProducts tab[-] BO : Fixed bug #PSCFI-4014 - isEmail allowed invalid emails (repeated dots in email)
[-] BO : Fixed bug PSCFI-3941 - Store latitude length was not long enough
[-] BO : Fixed some code standards
[-] BO : fix bug on AdminPreference on Maintenance IP field
[-] BO : fix redirection when processing position change
[-] BO : fixed bug #PSCFI-3762 - E-mail subject "Your new admin password"
[-] BO : fixed bug #PSCFI-3843 - Excel has detected that "categories_import.cvs" is a SYLK file, but cannot load it[-] BO : fixed bug #PSCFI-3854 - Import a product CSV instead of category CSV
[-] BO : fixed bug with broken action buttons on CMS page preview
[-] BO : no need to logout in order to use the new permissions
[-] BO : you can now set up quantities > 999999
[-] Classes : BugFix #PSCFI-4129 : Return syntax corrected
[-] Classes : BugFix #PSCFI-4184 : Invoice / Delivery PDF encoding
[-] Classes : fix bug #PSCFI-3794 - order delivery date was not updated when the order state is changed if it was already set.
[-] Classes : fixed bug #PSCFI-3824 - preg_last_error doesn't exist before PHP 5.2
[-] CORE : Fix the refreshing carrier box when the cart changes for carriers module
[-] MO : Bug Fixed #PSCFI-3768 - Little fix on translation
[-] MO : BugFix #PSCFI-3358 - The Cart dont refresh correctly When you ADD more of one product ... And you confirm the Order
[-] MO : BugFix #PSCFI-3358 - The Cart dont refresh correctly When you ADD more of one product ... And you confirm the Order
[-] MO : BugFix #PSCFI-3789 - I upgraded my store from to after this i cannot browse my categories i allways get "There are no products in this category."
[-] MO : BugFix #PSCFI-3834 - blocklayered - No access to product view under IE
[-] MO : Fedex Module (1.2.5) - better configuration check
[-] MO : Fix Module Paypal (2.8.4) fix fatal error
[-] MO : Fix Module Paypal (2.8.5) retrocompatibility to 1.3
[-] MO : Fix client address length (limit to 32 chars) and bad chad for number phone
[-] MO : Fixed Bug for Mondialrelay, Googlemap isn't activated anymore for IE users (all version) as the dancing markers for Mozilla
[-] MO : Fixed bug PSCFI-3718, Better authentification compatibility using htaccess way
[-] MO : Fixed bug PSCFI-3861, Variable are properly casted to avoid any errors
[-] MO : Fixed bug PSCFI-3935, Jquery is now overloaded just under the AdminMondialrelay tab.
[-] MO : Fixed bug PSCFI-3954 - Wrong loyalty status displayed
[-] MO : Fixed several issues with module (AIM version)
[-] MO : Module test mode is now working properly (thx Wil :)
[-] MO : Module Trusted Shop (1.3.2) - Bug fixed on widget
[-] MO : Module Trusted Shop (1.3.3) - Bug fixed on PREFIX Table
[-] MO : Module eBay (1.3.3) - Fix on eBay order importer (problem with id carrier)
[-] MO : Module eBay (1.3.5) - Fix on eBay order importer (fixing duplicate order)
[-] MO : Mondialrelay, Improve One page checkout and fix the validation without a selection of a relay
[-] MO : PayPal Bug #PSCFI-3800
[-] MO : Shopping Flux (1.4.1) - Change module category
[-] MO : Twenga Bug #PSCFI-3793 - module now handle 64 char for login
[-] MO : Update gmap3 plugin and got better compatibilities with browsers
[-] MO : added, creation of level field in oscommerce import to improve the categories import
[-] MO : autoupgrade : #PSCFI-4037 - module is now correctly installed in all available languages present (Tools > Upgrade)
[-] MO : eKomi (1.2) - Language is based on default lang now
[-] MO : fixed bug #PSCFI-3584 - Blocksearch buggy when hooked into RIGHT_COLUMN (CSS and JS files not loaded, added too late)
[-] MO : fixed bug #PSCFI-3731 - Category and Subcategory not sorted - NOW you can choose if categories are sort by name or position and Ascending and Descending
[-] MO : fixed bug #PSCFI-3736 - Importing products from OSCommerce only imports in default category
[-] MO : fixed bug #PSCFI-3737 - Import product images from OSCommerce does not import images with space characters
[-] MO : fixed bug #PSCFI-3743 - ShopImporter doesnt recreate the /img/p directory after cleanup
[-] MO : fixed bug #PSCFI-3746 - The producttooltip module not compliant w3c
[-] MO : fixed bug #PSCFI-3761 - Typo in Block RSS module
[-] MO : fixed bug #PSCFI-3767 Typo in Autoupgrade module
[-] MO : fixed bug #PSCFI-3796 - ShopImporter validateSpecificOptions token is undefined
[-] MO : fixed bug #PSCFI-3811 - ShopImporter allow to use an extended importmodule
[-] MO : fixed bug #PSCFI-4098 - Notice: Undefined variable: emc in Module "envoi moins cher"
[-] MO : fixed bug SQL Syntax error at mondialrelay
[-] MO : fixed bug import ocs required fields : date_format_lite, date_format_full
[-] MO : fixed bug on ShopImport when import multi languages
[-] MO : shopimporter : fix test validate currency oscommerce/prestashop
[-] WS : Bug fix PSCFI-3904
[-] WS : Issue PSCFI-3804, setCurrentState 2nd parameter now optional (only for webservice)
[-] TR : thanks a lot to Conny for improving our translations
[-] TR : thanks to Conny, Christian and Lucas for theses translations