PrestaDB Redesigned

After first launching just over a year ago, it was time to give PrestaDB a bit of a facelift and restructure. This is just a quick post about whats changed.

Just over 12 months ago I launched PrestaDB with a plan to create one of the best resources online for PrestaShop Tutorials and Documentation.

Previous design that was never quite realised.

As a keen PrestaShop developer, I realised that there were very few PrestaShop resources online for merchants or developers. In fact, when I had started using PrestaShop there was next to nothing. I decided to 'give back' and created PrestaDB.

While starting fairly strongly, things tapered off a little and PrestaDB has been dorment for a number of months. With that in mind, I few weeks back I decided to redesign PrestaDB and start to include everything I had originally planned.

What you're looking at is the result, I hope you like it. The redesign is not just a change in looks, PrestaDB has been rebuilt from the ground up with a new focus and direction for the future.


The PrestaShop articles are mostly as they were previously, however I intend for them to be much more frequent!

Articles contain PrestaShop tutorials, news, updates, hints and tips and other more 'current' information that falls outside of the regular PrestaShop documentation.


PrestaShop overrides are a huge part of developing a PrestaShop powered online, allowing you to alter PrestaShop's default behaviour bending it to your needs.

The snippets section intends to be short, bulleted posts of commonly used and requested PrestaShop overrides that developers and merchants can easily 'drop' into their store. This section will also feature other PHP, HTML or CSS snippets relevant to developing and running a PrestaShop store.


While PrestaShop offers its own official documentation, my personal feeling is that this could be improved upon.

Our PrestaShop documentation section will be community-driven and user contributed via Git/Github.

My hope is that it will become a vast resource for both PrestaShop merchants and developers, with valuable information on developing as well as running a PrestaShop store.

I also intend to include a PrestaShop API for developer's reference.


I have plans to include community features such as a discussion forum, and Q/A section as the need arises.

Currently, PrestaDB simply isn't large enough to warrant a community forum just yet and so this will be a later addition to the website.

However, I intend to make the community aspect an integral part of the website once the need does arise, with community features extending across the entire website.

Feedback / Suggestions

So this is the redesign, I hope you like it. I believe its not just an improvement on the old design but a step in the direction of what I had originally planned for PrestaDB.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions, feedback, or have spotted any problems. I'd love to hear from you!

You can get in touch using the contact page or contact me directly on Twitter (@prestadb or @markyhesketh).

See what else is planned by reading the Upcoming Features / Changelog.