PrestaDB Launches!

PrestaDB has launched, bringing PrestaShop tutorials and advice for e-commerce merchants and developers.

After many, many hours of tapping keyboard keys, various redesigns, and numerous roadblocks PrestaDB is now online.

PrestaDB aims to become the number 1 resource for the open-source e-commerce software, PrestaShop. Aimed at both shopkeepers and developers we will feature documentation, news, tutorials, e-commerce articles and aim to build a community of skilled users offering help and information to those seeking it.

Saturn V Launch by Steve Jurvetson

PrestaShop is a fantastic piece of software. Unfortunately, for some time documentation and accessible news has not been so easy to come by. This is what we hope to change, enabling you to get the most out of your online store, or stores you are creating for your clients.

For now, PrestaDB features just the news and article sections of its proposed arsenal of features. I hope to expand upon this over the coming months as various adjustments are made and the website finds its feet. But for the moment we will be providing regular news and helpful news regarding PrestaShop.

In the meantime, we would very much appreciate your feedback. If you have a suggestions, a criticism or simply a message of support please get in touch either using the contact us page or the Feedback button on the right hand side of your screen. You could also of course comment on this post directly below.

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