Inspirational PrestaShop Themes & Templates

Best examples of PrestaShop stores found online to give PrestaShop developers and merchants some inspiration when designing their PrestaShop store.

PrestaShop themes allow you to completely customize the design of your store. You could do this yourself using basic HTML and CSS, you could hire a developer or you could download one of many PrestaShop templates on the official add-ons store.

Looking at PrestaShop themes and e-commerce designs created by others is a very useful source of inspiration. Here a few PrestaShop and e-commerce designs I have come across recently that I feel deserve particular praise.

In this post I will look specifically at PrestaShop themes, but I will also be looking at stores using other e-commerce systems, as well as those of well-known brands in later instalments.


Archiduchesse's store has featured on PrestaShop's showcase for some time. Designed by Axome, the design is simple and keeps the focus on the products while also being very user-friendly with its simple navigation.

Nice touches such as the drop-down quick cart, the animated ability to filter the socks by size and adding product combinations to your cart straight from the store front homepage really enhance the user experience.


Headict's store has also been a regular on the official showcase. The design cleverly uses sketched faces as models for the products on the website. This little feature really makes the design unique and memorable.

The store has taken full advantage of PrestaShop too, with its navigation, categories and CMS pages being used to their full potential, completely breaking away from the default PrestaShop theme's structure.

The Vamoose

The Vamoose opts for a grid based design focusing on the products, and navigating categories is interactive using AJAX to transition between the types of products available.

The store takes advantage of a few in-built PrestaShop features such as the wish list, AJAX cart and newsletter and is also integrated with the store's blog and Twitter accounts, showing their latest posts in the footer.

Maison de la Cravate

Maison de la Cravate's site is clean, simple, and intuitive. The design focuses on the products in a large grid format much like Archiduchesse's.

Navigation is kept very simple by choosing the colour of tie you're looking for from the colour pallet just beneath the store's logo.

Dahle Sales

With a bold, strong design, Dahle Sales manages to display technical products featuring varying specifications in a way that the customer can easily compare and make decisions.

Symbols such as the 'On Sale' star and strike-through reduced prices may seem a little dated, but they really shout at the customer what is on offer, and where the best deals are.

Madame Choup

Madame Choup is elegant, simple. structured and generally well design. The colour composition of the store is just right, reflecting the brand while also complimenting the products.

Information is clear, and the offer of getting a group discount is nicely executed really shows what PrestaShop is capable of with some customization.


Artoyz is another great example of what is possible with a well designed theme. You would not know that PrestaShop powers the store but for a few give away clues such as the link structure and the checkout process.


Yumise has a very interesting drop-menu design, much different to the traditional 'mega-menu' method that has become prevalent in many e-commerce stores.

The illustration used for the background is also very fitting to the product, while appearing as a wider website for widescreen users.

Presque Parfait

Presque Parfait uses bold icons and tabs to clearly show the different store categories. A grid layout displays the products, as seen before, but with a slight twist in that special products are more prominent by making them comparatively huge to the products along them.

Serviettes & Compagnie

The Serviettes & Compagnie product line uses a slide show format. You can navigate through the products using the arrow buttons on either side of slide show.

Alternatively, you can easily skip to a particular colour using a multi-coloured bar below.


Otaku is another example of how you should not be limited by the default theme, and how a great design can disguise the platform its built upon.

The store's features are quite simple, and seemingly uses only a few of PrestaShop's features, but this is to its strength as it's not overly complicated and lets the products stand out.

Aktywny Smyk

Aktywny Smyk's store takes full advantage of the features PrestaShop offers. Product pages contain lots of information, product combinations, as well as offering similar products to the customer.

The design does a great job of showing a lot of information while still looking well designed and structured, as to not become overbearing to the customer. Little animations and information bubbles on hover really enhance the user experience while being informative.

Maison Ludique

Maison Ludique's layout is bright and vibrant, reflecting the products on offer. The drop down menu within the header uses very nice icons to show the categories of products available, which are both eye-catching and useful in terms of user-experience.

The product pages are fairly 'standard PrestaShop' in terms of features, but Maison Ludique does a great job of styling them to match the rest of the store's look.

Atelier de la Ceinture

Atelier de la Ceinture focuses on showing the product's image and not filling the screen with text and details. You can see the product's price and information by hovering over the image, which provides a nice transition effect and gives the feeling of interaction.

Much like Presque Parfait above, does a great job of showing its featured products in its product grid through enlarging the image.

Madeleine Market

Madeleine Market's design is simple and minimal. The design uses category images to make each section of the store feel unique.

The design does not settle for the PrestaShop's default styling, everything from the checkout process to the newsletter module has PrestaShop's functionality with Madeleine Market's individual design layered on top.

Antic Boutik

Antic Boutik is very 'to the point'. The black and white design allows the products to leap from the design, emphasised by their colour.

The layout follows a strict, rigid grid structure, where the design is very user-friendly and product listing pages informative.