Free PrestaShop Themes & Templates

Free PrestaShop themes and templates. The best high quality and free PrestaShop themes online, for PrestaShop 1.4 and below.

Free PrestaShop themes and templates allow you to completely change the look of your store instantly, for nothing! Many prestashop themes developed are 'premium', but look hard enough and you may uncover some free gems.

Luckily, if you are looking for a starting point in your store's design, or to get started with as little cost as possible, there are a number of PrestaShop template designers (including the PrestaShop Team themselves) that offer many free PrestaShop themes and templates!

We are going to take a look at some of** the best free PrestaShop themes around**, if you know of any more that we may have list please let us know in the comments below.

PrestaShop Templates on the PrestaShop Addons store

Black & White PrestaShop Theme

Designed by 2link, the Black & White PrestaShop theme is elegant and beautiful. There's a real craft in the design, and is an outstanding free PrestaShop template.

Black & White has a real quality rarely seen in other free PrestaShop themes.

The theme is compatible with all recent versions of PrestaShop, and has also been checked against all modern browsers.

Download the Black & White theme from PrestaPlayers.

Matrice PrestaShop Theme

Another theme designed by 2link, the Matrix theme is of a similar high quality focussing on the products and providing a user-friendly structured layout.

In terms of free PrestaShop themes the design is outstanding, and level with many premium themes.

The theme is compatible with all recent versions of PrestaShop, and has also been checked to do well in all modern browsers.

Download the Matrix theme from PrestaPlayers.

PrestaShop Template 1.4.5

Developed by the PrestaShop Team, PrestaShop Template 1.4.5 was recently released ahead of the incoming PrestaShop 1.5 where it will become the new default theme used.

It is a free PrestaShop theme that can either be used straight away on your store, or as a starting point to designing your own custom PrestaShop theme.

Download the PrestaShop Template 1.4.5 theme from PrestaShop Addons.

PrestaShop 1.4 Alternative Theme

The PrestaShop Team also released an alternative PrestaShop Template about a year ago. The theme, as the name suggests, is for** store owners and developers as an alternative to the usual default PrestaShop theme** that had been around for some time.

This PrestaShop template makes** better use of modules and hooks**, giving a glimpse at some of the customisation available beyond the standard 3 column blocks in hooks.

Download the PrestaShop Alternative theme from PrestaShop Addons.

PrestaShop Christmas 2011 Theme

Developed by PrestaWorks, and with the festive season around the corner, this free PrestaShop theme gives a christmas spin to the default theme.

Please note, the theme designer states the theme has no consideration for IE6 or IE7. If these browsers are important to your customers then this could be a potential problem.

Download the Christmas 2011 theme from PrestaShop Addons.

Element PrestaShop Theme

Developed by 2link, the Element theme is a clean, structured, grid-based, free PrestaShop theme.

The theme was developed for PrestaShop 1.1 and compatible with 1.2. Please take this into consideration if your store uses PrestaShop 1.3+

Download the Element theme from PrestaShop Addons.

Fennecs PrestaShop Theme

Developed by 2link that designed Element, Fennecs is a more textured PrestaShop theme, opting away from sidebars / columns and keeping all the important information central to the page's content.

Fennecs is one of the more basic free PrestaShop themes, but it could definitely be a great starting point for a theme designer to enhance.

Download the Fennecs theme from PrestaShop Addons.

Know of any free PrestaShop themes we have missed?

We couldn't possibly all free PrestaShop themes out there in our list, but if you have recommendations of any other high-quality templates then let us know!