PrestaShop Overrides - 5 Reasons To Use

PrestaShop Overrides allow us to safely modify PrestaShop's core code and create bespoke stores.

Here's 5 reasons why you should use PrestaShop's override functionality rather than editing PrestaShop's core files directly

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PrestaShop Module Overrides Tutorial

PrestaShop Module overrides allow you to customise the look and functionality of your PrestaShop modules based on your theme.

This tutorial a looks at how to use module overrides to customise a default block module in the sidebar.

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Show PrestaShop Theme and Module Changes After Editing Tutorial

Tutorial on how to turn off PrestaShop's performance settings so that changes to your theme or .tpl files are shown on your ecommerce store.

This is a common problem hit upon by new PrestaShop users who can't understand why their changes don't appear in the PrestaShop front office. The fix is a simple back office setting that we will uncover in this tutorial.

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PrestaShop + nginx: Fix 502 Error When Logging In

If you're using nginx for your web server rather than Apache, you will need to make sure your server configuration is translated to handle PrestaShop's rewrites various settings.

If you're encountering 502 errors while trying to log into your ecommerce store, this is how I fixed my server's PrestaShop configuration for nginx that I thought I would share.

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PrestaShop Redesign Their Website

With PrestaShop 1.5's release very soon, PrestaShop have been very busy redesigning their website, and it's a thumbs up from us.

The website is much more professional looking, easier to navigate, and packed full of useful information. We take a look at some of our favourite bits.

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PrestaShop Update Released

The PrestaShop team have announced that PrestaShop is now available for download.

The update includes new modules from TNT, Mondial Relay and Buyster, and is probably the last update before PrestaShop 1.5 is released. See all the details here.

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PrestaShop 1.5 RC Release Date

The PrestaShop team have set a release date for the 'Release Candidate' version of PrestaShop 1.5.

A 'Release Candidate' version is ready for live use and you will be able to install PrestaShop 1.5 right away, though further improvements will be forthcoming as a final 'stable' version is developed and later released.

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