About PrestaDB

PrestaDB is an unofficial resource offering PrestaShop tutorials, news and documentation for PrestaShop developers and e-commerce merchants.

Why does PrestaDB exist?

We've been using PrestaShop since the early beta days of 2008, and quickly realised that there was no official PrestaShop documentation of any real note and information for merchants and developers was hard to find.

Our aim is to aid PrestaShop merchants and developers through delivering the latest PrestaShop news and tutorials as well as providing truely community driven PrestaShop documentation.

Launched in August 2011, PrestaDB has steadily grown to become one of the largest PrestaShop resources online.

Who is behind PrestaDB?

PrestaDB was created by UK-based Web Designer & Developer, Mark Hesketh. He has been creating e-commerce stores using PrestaShop for over 4 years.

What started as a personal project, has become his own way to give back to the community, hopefully helping PrestaShop developers and store owners how to get the most out of their PrestaShop powered projects and businesses.

You can follow Mark on Twitter, or find him on Google+.

PrestaDB tech specs?

PrestaDB is powered by nanoc, a static-site generator built on Ruby. You can see all the source code on GitHub. This means the website is very fast, much less vulnerable to attacks and the community can contribute with typical pull requests.

Posts and documentation are written in Markdown, this makes writing content extremely efficient and we don't have to fight with a WYSIWYG to produce clean markup.

We're proudly hosted by Linode at their UK data center.